Latest Ticket for ROD ID 26

Ticket rod id Author Description Action Repaired edit
120 26 Alex From elog: [Tikhomirov Vladimir.O][ATLAS e-log][Default Message Type] Automatic resync procedure works successfully 22:26:12 INFORMATION TRTSyncController TRT::SyncManager All crates reported back as successfully resynched 22:26:12 WARNING TRT OnlRec::HardwareRecovery "Resync finished. Restarting trigger" ......... 22:26:08 INFORMATION TRTEndcapC_E-06 TRT::CrateMonitor starting resync procedure with ECR count 54 22:26:08 ERROR TRTSyncController rc::HardwareSynchronization TRT would like to resynchronize its hardware. 22:26:08 WARNING TRTSyncController TRT::SyncManager Sent resynchronization request (# 2). Currently see 1 sync problem(s) on 1 crate(s) 22:26:05 INFORMATION TRTSyncController TRT::SyncManager number of sync problems (1) exceeded resync threshold (1) 22:26:05 ERROR TRTEndcapC_E-06 TRT::CrateMonitor ROD 0x341702: rocketio problem: Lock status == 0xe , buffer status == 0xf edit