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TICKET Summary for Open Tickets

Number : 9251

Ticket rod id Author Description Action Repaired
74 102 Mike A funny looking event that we see in one of the data files from cosmics running: 01004149 00000001 ee1234ee 00000009 03010003 00341702 000167be 010024e6 00000487 00000084 87654321 1c0003ff fffffc00 3fffffff 3f000000 0000000b 0000003d 65026500 65066504 650a6508 650e650c 65126510 65166514 651a6518 651e651c 65226520 65266524 652a6528 652e652c 65326530 65366534 653a6538 653e653c 65426540 65466544 654a6548 654e654c 65526550 65566554 655a6558 655e655c 65626560 65666564 656a6568 656e656c 65726570 65766574 65036501 65076505 650b6509 650f650d 65136511 65176515 651b6519 651f651d 65236521 65276525 652b6529 652f652d 65336531 65376535 653b6539 653f653d 65430041 65476545 654b6549 654f654d 65536551 65576555 655b6559 655f655d 65636561 65676565 656b6569 656f656d 65736571 65776575 00000001 0000003f 00000004 00000001 e96c7039 dd1234dd 000000c1 Seems like these errors are not all that frequent, and so far we've only seen them from this particular ROD. If you're interested, you can see the full data file here:
75 70 Alex e-04 slot 15: top, during combined id running this ROD half went busy stopping the run. On restarting the run the ROD half went busy straight away. Elog Message ID: 33463 and Message ID: 33466. See debug regs attached.
76 1 Dominick/Alex During spy testing Dominick noticed that this ROD returned 0xee1034ee as its ROD marker. This bit is also set incorrectly low in some but not all of the error block. This bit can be set correctly in the ROD marker word but not in the run id word (alex 16/4/09).
77 Dominick/Alex During several runs one gol drops out returning optical lock status 0xe. Initially ROD 0 was in this slot but the problem persited with ROD 99 in this slot. This problem came to light when the majority was increased to 90, so it very likely a long standing issue rather than a new fault. See also ticket 78 which reports a similar lost of lock fault and tickets 79, 80, 81 and 82 which report a single gol dropping out due to a buffer error, which may or may not be a second symptom of the same root fault?
78 Dominick/Alex One gol drops out during 10kHz data taking, lock status 0xe, see ticket 77 for more details.
79 Dominick/Alex One gol dropped out during 10kHz data taking, buffer status 0x7, see tickets 77 thru 82.
80 Dominick/Alex One gol dropped out during 10kHz data taking, buffer status 0xe, see tickets 77 thru 82.
81 Dominick/Alex One gol dropped out during 10kHz data taking, buffer status 0xe, see tickets 77 thru 82.
82 Dominick/Alex One gol dropped out during 10kHz data taking, buffer status 0xb, see tickets 77 thru 82.
83 Dominick/Alex Summary of problems during TRT/Muon slice run. Hi, I looked through the log messages and pulled out all the RODs with these problems. Thankfully, it's not a very big list. Rocketio: ----------- 0x341702 - lock 0xe (15 times) 0x331302 - lock 0x7 (3 times) multiple messages per run (113617,114188,114189), present at beginning of run in each case 0x320f00 - lock 0xe (1 time) multiple messages in run 113996, present at beginning of run (went busy) 0x311a00 - lock 0x7 (1 time) Busy: ----------- 0x340701 - multiple runs on May 4th - not happy with fine delays, fixed 0x320f00 - run 113996, 15h30 May 3rd - start of run: also got messages about lock = 0xe, debug regs show only 11 channels reporting 0x320600 - run 113821, 17h00 April 30th - start of run: debug regs show no channels reporting, no events passed majority, some channel delays look bad (but not most) 0x341302 - run 113669, 20h00 April 29th - about 80 minutes into run, I copied DAQ debug regs from the end of run to: /det/trt/shift_logs/debugregs_logfile_E19C_20,22,35_29-04-09.log Dominick
84 41 Alex From elog message 41291, Oleg Fedine: "Run 120413 was stopped at 13:18 after ~ 12 hours of running. After restart of run at 14:08 TRT is busy ROD 331302 Look status =0x7 buffer status =0x7". This is currently ROD 41, but the fault is probably another case of the patch panel having transmit problems.
85 96 Alex This rod went busy at start of run, possible FE configuration problem, see attached debug regs for details.
86 71 Alex ROD Failed initial compression test, in e-06 slot 12. ROD debug regs reported a LookUp overflow; searchResult fifo overflow. This was present at all times top and bottom even after a reboot, taken to 104 for testing. In 104 the ROD passed a rod_loop_data_test of 1000 with full compression (f7.out). No LookUp overflow was reported although TTC overflow was reported after a reboot? The ROD also appears unable to internally lock. In general any ROD which is sensitive to the clock it is provided has issues in e-06, see DDR init faults of 50 and 52. Also ROD 68, e-06 slot 18 top has the same fault as above, see next ticket.
87 68 Alex While in e-06 slot 18 the top of this rod had LookUp overflow problems, see previous ticket.
88 32 Alex From Dominick's email: "Endcap 24C, bottom half: - this ROD goes busy immediately at the start of run. I printed out debug regs and they claimed the DDR wasn't initialized properly. Is this one of the ROD boards that had DDR init problems in the past? /det/trt/shift_logs/debugregs_E24C_13,51,06_18-08-09.log" Looking back through the cratemap information this ROD has been in this slot since 27/07/08 WITHOUT any problems. The only change is that this crate now has had its power supply swapped. ROD Moved to 104 for testing. In SR1 as of 26/10/09. Alex
89 101 Alex From Dominick's email: "Endcap 18C, bottom half: - this ROD generates ROS warnings that made it sound like some events weren't arriving. I didn't print out dedicated debug regs for this ROD while it was in, unfortunately, but you can look in: /logs/TRTolivito3/ The debug regs from the end of run are printed near the end of the file." Debug regs for this ROD half extracted from the above file and uploaded. There is however no obvious reason for any error. ROD Moved to 104 for testing. Alex
90 57 Alex lock status -> 0x0
91 57 Alex lock status -> 0x0
92 57 Alex lock status -> 0x0
93 26 Alex lock status -> 0x0
94 26 Alex lock status -> 0x0
95 26 Alex lock status -> 0x0
96 74 Alex buffer status -> 0x0
97 74 Alex buffer status -> 0x0
98 85 Alex lock status -> 0x0
99 9 Alex Spy data fails, number of events in buffer returns 0xffffffff. Run 128670.
100 106 Alex Spy data fails, number of events in buffer returns 0xffffffff. Run 128583.
101 59 Alex Spy data fails, number of events in buffer returns 0xffffffff.
102 18 Alex Spy data fails, number of events in buffer returns 0xffffffff.
103 55 Alex Spy data fails, number of events in buffer returns 0xffffffff.
104 100 Alex Spy data fails, number of events in buffer returns 0xffffffff.
105 38 Alex Spy data fails, number of events in buffer returns 0xffffffff.
106 41 Alex Spy data fails, number of events in buffer returns 0xffffffff.
107 74 Alex The bottom half, 341a02, didn't send any spy data, while the top half did.
110 78 Alex See previous two tickets. 1-2 minutes later, there were a large number of bytestream errors reported by 0x340501, which triggered a resync. Looking at the debug printout from immediately before the resync, the Events Passed by Majority counter for 0x340501 was 1 higher than all of the other RODs (and 1 higher than its HeaderManager counter as well), so it looks like the FE for this ROD may have received an extra trigger. I'm not sure how or if this is related to the busy RODs, which share the same TTC board. See attached log.
115 63 Alex With V4 version 3.25 date 10/02/10, this ROD probably has the same issue as ticket 114.
116 75 Alex With V4 version 3.25 date 10/02/10, this ROD probably has the same issue as ticket 114.
117 39 Alex With V4 version 3.25 date 10/02/10, this ROD probably has the same issue as ticket 114.
118 18 Alex With V4 version 3.25 date 10/02/10, this ROD probably has the same issue as ticket 114.
119 111 Alex With V4 version 3.25 date 10/02/10, this ROD probably has the same issue as ticket 114.
120 26 Alex From elog: [Tikhomirov Vladimir.O][ATLAS e-log][Default Message Type] Automatic resync procedure works successfully 22:26:12 INFORMATION TRTSyncController TRT::SyncManager All crates reported back as successfully resynched 22:26:12 WARNING TRT OnlRec::HardwareRecovery "Resync finished. Restarting trigger" ......... 22:26:08 INFORMATION TRTEndcapC_E-06 TRT::CrateMonitor starting resync procedure with ECR count 54 22:26:08 ERROR TRTSyncController rc::HardwareSynchronization TRT would like to resynchronize its hardware. 22:26:08 WARNING TRTSyncController TRT::SyncManager Sent resynchronization request (# 2). Currently see 1 sync problem(s) on 1 crate(s) 22:26:05 INFORMATION TRTSyncController TRT::SyncManager number of sync problems (1) exceeded resync threshold (1) 22:26:05 ERROR TRTEndcapC_E-06 TRT::CrateMonitor ROD 0x341702: rocketio problem: Lock status == 0xe , buffer status == 0xf
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