Index of all Public talks

Title File Author Description Date Size Actions
First Beam in TRT trt_first_beam_atlas_canada.odp Alex Muir Presented at ATLAS Canada meeting, Ottawa 2008-12-15 4497044 edit
TRT Commissioning plans trt_commision_atlas_canada.odp Alex Muir TRT Commissioning plans 2008-12-15 3955270 edit
Development and Commissioning of the ReadOut Driver (ROD) for the ATLAS TRT Detector triumf_trtrod_pres.odp Alex Muir TRIUMF Technical Seminar: Overview of the ROD commisioning with focus on the firmware development. 2010-01-28 11034697 edit
TRT Standalone, ROD Monitoring and Data Quality trt_monitoring_atlas_canada.odp Alex Muir ATLAS Canada Carleton: Overview of TRT spy monitoring plans 2008-12-15 331937 edit